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James Mullan

Malo Lelei, I am James Mullan and I am a second year screen student. I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic about the process of creating content that inspires and/or informs others. I very much enjoy the behind the scenes effort that goes into creating content. I have great people skills and am able to work in a team environment. I am eager to be challenged and to showcase the skills that I have acquired from the New Zealand Broadcasting School. I am confident that what I have to offer will be valuable to any organisation.


Phone Number: 0276042167

Pitter Patter Dance Ltd.

What is Pitter Patter Dance?Pitter Patter Dance Ltd. is a dance school for children aged from 2-13 years old. With a holistic teaching approach compared to a traditional dance school, the school has c…

Documentary: Alice (Co-Creator)

A documentary we made about a DVD store. It was an interesting piece learning how they survived in an environment dominated by streaming.

Homebound. (EDITOR/SOUND)

I enjoyed editing Homebound. I learned a lot about sound and editing. The biggest thing I learnt was pacing and natural timing of scene and human interaction.