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Jack Hurley

A lot of people wonder. Who, what, where and why is Jack? In six months, the answer will most likely be, “A dude who works at a radio station because he’s great”.

I've been working a lot with Pro Tools as part of the production team. Learning about manipulating sound and creating stories through sound is something I want to pursue. I am also 1/3 of the Drive show on Rewind. One of the biggest things I prioritise is maintaining authenticity on air as being a genuine person is a value I hold dear.

Overall, having a direct impact on the sound of the station is the most rewarding part of broadcasting for me.

I look forward to being "the dude who works at a radio station because he’s great". 

Pitter Patter Dance Ltd.

What is Pitter Patter Dance?Pitter Patter Dance Ltd. is a dance school for children aged from 2-13 years old. With a holistic teaching approach compared to a traditional dance school, the school has c…

Voice Skite Tape

This is a short 3min compilation of my best bits during my time with the Shut up and Drive team on Rewind 96.1. 

Liners and Hooks

These liners exemplify my skills in imaging using pro tools and have been written/produced by me. All of these played on our station Rewind 96.1. 

Multi Track Audio

This is the final product of my Multi-Track assessment called "Superstar". It follows the story of a 90s pop star and her struggle with fame. The whole piece was created with Pro Tools. 

Shut Up and Drive at Cat Nap Cafe

Shut Up and Drive with Yas, Pat and Jack went to the Cat Nap Cafe in Christchurch! After missing her cat from home Yas loved the experience and gaining the cats trust. Pat bonded with a three footed c…