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Ciaran Thomas

Hello, My Name is Ciaran Thomas, I am a second-year screen student. I'm a positive, responsible and passionate person. I'm open-minded and always willing to learn new skills. I'm interested in editing and camera mostly, but I am willing to learn and explore different areas in this industry. I am looking for an internship that will allow me to be challenged and grow in the skills I have learned. I know that I will be a great contribution to any organization. 

Pitter Patter Dance Ltd.

What is Pitter Patter Dance?Pitter Patter Dance Ltd. is a dance school for children aged from 2-13 years old. With a holistic teaching approach compared to a traditional dance school, the school has c…

Marathon Man - (Short Film) (D.O.P)

Marathon Man is a short film, about a man (Dale) who has a bad habit of lying, he meets his new co-worker (Helen) and Dale lies to impress her, however Dale lies end up taking a turn for the worst. i …