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The Kite Program

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The Kite Program  Hannah Hardy-Jones

The purpose of this project is to create content for The Kite Program, to engage with charities/foundations and create social media content to engage with a large online audience.

The Kite Program is a digital platform created to improve the well-being and mental health of its users. Users move through the app one day at a time. Each day takes no more than 5 minutes. Each day contains a practical activity. Something to implement and assess whether it works in the users day to day work or home life.

A point of difference about The Kite Program is its subtleness. It is very easy to get overwhelmed when seeking help or getting help from others, however, the Kite Program is here to help those at their own pace with no forced forms or activities to complete.

The majority of past clients over the past two years for The Kite Program have been heavily corporate-based. The Kite Program would like to transition the business to focus on foundations and charities, as well as those who fall underneath the specific charities and foundations that cater to them.

The Kite Program have insufficient content they can present to these foundations to help encourage collaboration. This collaboration could lead to the improvement of people's lives supported with a lower cost and a successful app