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Nathan Joe - Multi award winning Storyteller

Nathan Joe
Nathan Joe  Supplied

Christchurch based Nathan Joe went from broadcasting to master storyteller.

Over the last few years, Nathan moved from the broadcasting industry and into storytelling for the stage, specifically as a scriptwriter. He is based in Christchurch and enjoyed the Ursula Bethell writer's residency at UC. While his focus is primarily for theatre, he still occasionally dips his toes in screenwriting. Notable examples include writing an episode for Tales of Nai Nai, a local children's cartoon, and being one of four teams selected to develop a web series pitch for Page to Pitch (run by PAT and PASC). 

In 2021 Nathan won the Bruce Mason Playwriting Award the 2022 Grimshaw Sargeson Literary Fellowship and his Scenes from a Yellow Peril was staged in Auckland.

Graduated 2012 - Digital Film and TV Production