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Mach 3

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Mach 3
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With sparks flying, and Drum and Bass blaring, it’d be easy to think Mach3 is just a typical workshop. Stepping in, however, you’d find they set themselves apart. Owner, Jeremy Chapman, told me everyone that works there loves the diverse work. Just in the few days I visited, workers switched from creating a metal horse statue, restoring a World War 2 toothpaste maker, to installing an international-grade postage system. When a problem comes to Mach3, they make it work, and their clients know it. As Jeremy said, “we make magic here."

Take your mind back to 2007. Britney Spears shaved her head, the first iPhone was released, and what may be the biggest event of that year, Mach 3 was created. It was in the garage of Jeremy and his co-owner & wife, Anna. With barely enough money to make it work – they made it work.