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Happy Spine

Blake Benny
Caomh Browne-Scott
Rob Law
John McMyler
Jessica Swan
Laura White
Cole Yeoman

“The Posture Pandemic” is a campaign raising awareness of the ongoing decline in people’s spinal health and encouraging audiences to commit to a wellness journey with Happy Spine.

The key problem Happy Spine is facing is connecting and engaging with existing and potential clients through social media. This is due to their current online platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, lacking personalised and local content.  

Happy Spine alerted us to the misconceptions people have about chiropractors, as many don’t understand what happens during treatment and want a "quick fix" or at-home hack.  

Because of these challenges, it’s difficult to attract people who are interested in the long-term wellness journey. This stems from people not understanding the benefit or importance of spinal health.  

Therefore, our content is local, relatable, and friendly. Using language such as “Be Kind to Your Spine” & “Happy Spine Happy Life” throughout the campaign, we reaffirm Happy Spine as the solution to the posture pandemic.