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Duncan Brown - Communications Advisor

Duncan Brown
Supplied  Duncan Brown

Duncan is a communications specialist, content producer and storyteller.

Duncan works as a Communications Advisor for Anglican Movement, which is the group of Anglican churches within the Diocese of Wellington, under the leadership of the Bishop of Wellington.   

During lockdown he directed the live stream.  

He successfully implemented new branding, which together, set the platform for unity during lockdown that previously was just a dream.  The role continues to have a strong storytelling component, but the 2020/21 lockdowns encouraged the Anglican Movement to adapt with live streams (which Duncan directs) and think more laterally about the types of content they produce with Duncan looking forward to trying out some new online projects.

Duncan said "that my role is transitioning to being a bit more akin to a content producer and channel manager, with various volunteers contributing to the actual content production process." 

Graduated 2013 - BBC – Screen and TV Production