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Christchurch Methodist Mission 'Support a Family'

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This multi-media campaign is designed to "Share the Love" and raise awareness of the Christchurch Methodist Mission, their initiatives and in particular their annual 'Support a Family'- which runs every Christmas. 

Support A Family identifies families working within the Missions' programmes, who may need a little extra help during the holidays, and matches them with sponsors. These sponsors donate food and gift hampers, and are paired based on each families' needs and means.

CMM has been active in Christchurch for over 80 years, offering wrap-around social services for all ages. They include; wellbeing teams in schools, housing the homeless, early childhood education and respite care- in addition to 'Support a Family'.

The key purpose of this campaign is to encourage families who can, to support a family so everyone can enjoy Christmas with their family. 

Key challenges;

- The current 'Support a Family' audience is mostly 60+ year olds which is unsustainable to keep running.

- Spreading the message outside of the Church community. 

This campaign is designed to reach a broader demographic, targeting 35-50 year old females. 

The cross platform campaign includes; short teaser videos (20-40 seconds);  full-length promotional videos (1-1:30 minute); radio adverts (30 seconds); podcasts and social media posts. 

Short Length Promotional Videos

These short clips are an introduction into the full length videos, designed to pique interest in Support A Family.

They are also designed to be easily shared on social media, and to hook our target audience into following the links to the CMM website, and to other video content.

They're largely 'teasers' to the full-length videos, but also show both sides of the Support A Family campaign- showing both sponsors and recipients of the initiative. 

Imran Khan

Imran Khan talks about what Support A Family means to him. #ShareTheLove

Zara Ballara

Zara Ballara Supports A Family each Christmas and encourages others to get involved. #ShareTheLove

Tash Phillips - Cherry's Early Learning Centre

Tash Phillips talks about how Cherry’s Early Learning Centre contributes to Support A Family every Holiday season. #ShareTheLove

Katie List

Katie List talks about the impact of receiving a hamper through Support A Family. #ShareTheLove

Mary Jo Chase

Mary Jo Chase, explains why she Supports A Family each Christmas. #ShareTheLove

Stephanie Manning

Stephanie Manning describes what her family put in their hampers every year when they Support A Family. #ShareTheLove

Full Length Promotional Videos

These were created to show why people get involved in Support A Family, and that they are ordinary people just like 'you'.

The people featured in these videos were chosen as they fit within our target demographic,35-50 year old females, who are family oriented. 

Each interviewee discusses what the campaign means to them and their families on a personal level, with the intention of encouraging others to get involved. 

Mary Jo Chase - Supporter

Mary Jo Chase was inspired by her community-based work to Support A Family; and wants to show her children how to continue to share the love. #ShareTheLove

Zara Ballara - Supporter

Zara Ballara knows how hard Christmases can be and wants to help share the love- easing the stress of the Holidays. #ShareTheLove

Stephanie Manning - Supporter

For Stephanie Manning, the true meaning of Christmas is giving. She’s teaching her children how to share the love. #ShareTheLove

Tasha Phillips - Supporter

Cherry's Early Learning Centre involves their whole community, and Tasha Phillips says that everyone doing a little bit, makes a huge difference. #ShareTheLove

Radio Advertising

These radio advertisements are aimed at 35-50 year old, family oriented females. Using universally recognised Christmas themes, we hope that children may also recognise the messaging and ask their parents to get involved.

Each advert has a different approach, so they can be played at different times leading up to the Christmas period, while reiterating the 'Share the Love' theme. 

Two of the adverts follow a similar format which describes a shopping list- whereby the listener is  planning for Christmas, and is motivated to with purchase a few extra items that can be donated.

One advert details the joy of Christmas and how donating to Support A Family is equally as fulfilling as receiving a package- and how everyone can experience the Christmas Cheer.

The final advert is a play on Santas' helpers, and is designed to be heard by children in the car with their mum or dad. It uses language such as 'elves' and 'helpers' like a parent might explain to a child, and we hope children will encourage their parents to get involved. 

Podcast Episodes

In support of the video content, are two in-depth podcasts to be posted on the CMM website, and to give more context to Support A Family and the Mission.

Episode one is an introduction to CMM's initiatives and how they aim to make a difference to all those who help.

Episode two is more focussed on Support a Family, and what it means to both sponsors and recipients of the initiative- showcasing 'both sides of the coin'. 

These podcasts aim to provide more context on what Support A Family does for families on the giving and receiving end of the campaign, and gives people who view the videos more information.

They will act as testimonials for Support A Family to those browsing on the CMM website. 

Social Media Posts

The social media content was created to engage with our target demographic of 35-50 year old women. It was designed to be easily shareable, to evoke a "warm fuzzy" feeling, and raise awareness of CMM and Support A Family. 

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As part of a multimedia publicity roll out, we identified three key angles and three media outlets that would best suit each narrative.

These are; The Press, More FM and Avenues Magazine. 

The Press- They have previously featured CMM's work, and aims to provide an informative summary of Support A Family following the 'WWWH' formula.

More FM- Short bulletins on their 'Community Notices' which will be aired across More FM, Magic, The Breeze. 

Avenues- Incentivising their reader audience to get involved with Support A Family based on testimonials from other supporters. 

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Media Plan

The media plan is designed to provide a schedule for posting content within the six week campaign. 

The plan also justifies the order of scheduling to optimise engagement. 

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