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Camp Wondergirl

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Camp Wondergirl
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Camp Wondergirl  Camp Wondergirl

The purpose of this campaign was to spread awareness of the Camp Wondergirl brand and give it content for social media and marketing.

Camp Wondergirl is a place where girls feel loved, included, find their confidence, and learn about the empowered young women they are. It's a school holiday camp to help young girls aged 8-12 explore mindfulness, embrace uniqueness, and express superpowers. The key purpose of this campaign is to expand Camp Wondergirl's audience and reach larger communities of parents and daughters with video and audio content.  

During discussions with our client Lauren Hill (CEO of Camp Wondergirl) she noted some key challenges:

- Most girls are too shy to join Camp Wondergirl.

- The Camp needs to attract a larger audience of parents.

- The Camp Wondergirl logo has copyright breaches.

Lauren wanted us to create new content that appeals to parents and their daughters by using platforms such as the Camp Wondergirl website, Instagram and Facebook.

This campaign has been created to give Camp Wondergirl more brand awareness with a handful of bright and uplifting content.


Camp Wondergirl Presentation

Our presentation describes our Camp Wondergirl campaign. By presenting the issue and describing how we tackled it, and explaining other way of further promoting Camp Wonergirl, we found a couple of ways to give them brand bigger and better branding. 

Unapologetically Me

The idea behind the music video is to show girls how Camp Wondergirl will help build their self-confidence, help them grow as a person, and show them how they will form strong friendships along the way. The song on the other hand acts as a supporting tool for shy and anxious girls as they can have this song before, during, and after the camp to help them feel more connected with other girls who also know the song. - it gives them something inspiring and supportive of their new adventures as they become Wondergirls. 

Wondergirls Unite - A Parent's Experience

These two videos show parents explaining the growth and improvement they saw within their daughters over the five-day camp, and how successfully Camp Wondergirl assisted with their daughter's self-expression and ability to discover themselves. 

Welcome to Camp Wondergirl

Within these two new promo videos, Lauren describes the fundamental purpose of Camp Wondergirl and how they manage to empower young girls to express their uniqueness, forge long-lasting friendships, and awaken their superpowers. 

"I Am" Commercial

Within this drama-style Camp Wondergirl commercial, we follow young Leah who struggles through day-to-day activities but discovers her power and uniqueness through the wonders of Camp Wondergirl. 

Five Radio Ads

The radio ads are made to attract both parents and daughters to sign up at Camp Wondergirl. This has been done by taking 4 different approaches to the radio ads. One ad explains what girls old enough to attend the camp can get out of it. Then two ads from a mother and daughter explaining what they also got out of Camp Wondergirl, and the final ad includes Lauren promoting the Mother-Daughter Day program. Lastly, we have two minutes of audio with the purpose of getting parents interested in Camp Wondergirl. 

Public Relations

For our PR content, we decided to get in contact with local broadcasters to see if they’d be interested in hosting Lauren on their platforms to further expand Camp Wondergirl's branding to more audiences.

Camp Wondergirl Poster and New Logo

We aimed to gauge interest in local schools to promote posters for Camp WondergirlEach poster has a QR code that will take anyone straight to the website once scanned. Camp Wondergirl has struggled to franchise their branding due to copyright issues, so we resolved this by creating a brand-new, unique, and original logo that will help with franchising Camp Wondergirl nationwide. 

Media Plan

The aim behind the media plan is to create a posting schedule and justification for Lauren as to why posting our content at a certain time will boost engagement and views. We produced two separate plans, one being a short, hard 10-day push for the next camp in November, and our second plan which focuses on a plan over December. 


This has been a very enjoyable experience for us broadcasting students. The team has worked very well together right from the beginning, and we have all brought with us our own unique strengths to create content that shows the wonder within.